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Courage To Grow

Courage To GrowFor individuals who wish to dig a little deeper. It begins with the Energy Leadership Index (E.L.I.) assessment and debrief, which gives both the client and the coach an amazingly accurate look at how the client shows up for life.  Based on the results of the assessment, the coach-client alliance is formed, goals and desired results are set and an initial plan is developed. Once again, a 3-month commitment  is desired for the results to be sustainable.

Courage to Grow:  3 month  commitment

Energy Leadership Index:  this is done online, results to be mailed before your first session.

First Session, 60-90 minutes (E.L.I. debrief): We will go over your assessment results, design our alliance, determine your goals and desired results, and create an initial plan.

45-minute sessions weekly thereafter: We will follow-up on the progress of your plan, celebrate successes, overcome obstacles, adjust the plan as necessary and keep the momentum moving forward

Unlimited emails: You are welcome to send emails regarding any questions, milestones reached, breakthroughs and/or breakdowns.

If this looks like the program for you and/or you have any questions, please contact us for an appointment.