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Sally Tells Her Story

Sally Tells Her StoryI’ve lived a life full of transitions, as so many of us do, but to learn how to navigate through those transitions and manage to attain positive growth through adversity isn’t so simple.

I married quite young, which for me was a huge transition, gave birth to a darling daughter, and after a troubled marriage, divorced ten years later – an enormous transition for anyone. After several years, I remarried, entering the world of mixed-families with a “new” son and eventually, with my new husband, gave birth to another delightful daughter, adding even more transitions to an already complicated life. However, I’ve been happily married for over 30 years now and have become “Maga” to two fantastic granddaughters.

As a mother with two children still at home and a yacht captain husband that was often at sea, I channeled my passion for the environment and landscaping by returning to school to complete my graduate work in landscape architecture, and started and operated a successful landscape design business for 13 years. When the children were grown and gone from home, I sold the business and headed around the world with my husband on a sailboat that eventually delivered us to the shores of Barcelona, Spain, where we resided for six wonderful years in the complete transition of living in a foreign country – different language, different culture, different foods –  returning to the US in 2006.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with cancer, which was certainly something I never planned for…a really big transition. I was fortunately told that it was curable, asked my oncologist ‘How do we do that?’, and started chemo in December of 2008.  I’m glad to say several years later that I’m cancer free and, actually look back on that experience with gratitude that I survived to share my experience and hope with others. Upon my completion of chemo, though, I was in another major transition in my life…what do I do with myself now?

For many years I have had both the passion for and the experience of helping others to have the courage to make life-changing decisions from a position of choice and clarity.   Life coaching became the perfect fit for my experiences, my knowledge and my passion…my latest, great transition!

If you are finding yourself in the midst of your own life transitions and would like to form an alliance with Sally to discover your strengths and reach for your dreams, schedule a complimentary coaching session and see if Courage To Grow Coaching is right for you.